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News /Nuacht na Scoile

September 2020

Everybody has settled well into school and are used to all the new procedures now. In line with HSE Covid regulations, we need to keep contact to a minimum, so unfortunately parents cannot come into school like they used to. You might like to see your lovely Junior Infants in their classrooms and also see the wonderful art work and projects that are all around the school.

All the boys and girls in Room 2 are enjoying their first month in “Big School”.

The boys and girls in Room 3 are very happy.




Boys and girls in Room 1 are listening and learning!



September Art and Projects

The following photographs are examples of the art and project work that is on display around the school.


August 2020

COVID-19 Policy Statement

Welcome back to school everybody. We are delighted to see everybody following the HSE guidelines so that we can all stay safe . Please click on the above link for our Covid 19 Policy Statement. All other information regarding safe school reopening is on Aladdin. We all  look forward to a safe and happy school year 2020/2021.

June 2020

Report Cards/Books

Your child’s report card is now available on Aladdin. If you have not received the report card for your child on Aladdin Connect, please collect it from the school on Thursday June 18th from 10-12. Children’s books can also be collected during this time.

End of School Year

We hope everybody enjoyed the Drive Through Graduation.  Best of luck to the sixth class girls, the first class boys and the boys and girls in Rooms 17 and 18 who are going back to their local schools,

Sixth Class 2020

So angelic!

Christmas 2014

First Classes Christmas 2019

Room 5 December 2019
Room 6  December 2019


Room 4 December 2019


May 2020

May 2020- School Closure Information and work/activities/ book collections

May 25th/26th Important Reminder : 2nd to 6th classes books etc collections  Monday Rooms 10 -18 and Library, Junior infants, Senior Infants and First Classes Rooms 1-9  Tuesday 9.15-3.00 pm.

Extra Collection Date: books etc can also be collected on Thursday May 28th from 11-2pm

All the details about collecting books from school are on Aladdin. Please log in to Aladdin Connect  to see the timetable and procedure for your class.

Girls having fun in the sun May 2019

May 18th

We hope everybody has logged into Aladdin Connect to communicate with the school and get work and activities from their teachers.

We hope that everybody of all ages has been enjoying reading. Remember the fun we had on World Book Day when people dressed up as their favourite characters!

May 11th

11th May 2020.

Dear Parents /Guardians,

I hope you and your families are keeping well as the restrictions continue.

Thank you for using the website to guide you in your work with the children over the last few weeks.

As a school we have now switched to Aladdin Connect to enable easier communication with families. If you did not receive a code to access Aladdin Connect, please email the school at as soon as possible.

All important school news, booklists reports etc.  will be sent via Aladdin Connect.

I would like to thank the staff for their tireless work in preparing work for the website and I know they will be delighted to engage with families on Aladdin.

Thanks also to the Board of Management for enabling the purchase of Aladdin Connect and the Parents’ Council for their unfailing support.

Keep safe and well

Irene and staff

Here are some photos of our boys and girls at different times and events in the last year.

September 2019 Junior Infants
December 2019
June 2019

5th May 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

I hope you and your families are doing well. It is difficult to stay positive in these challenging times. I have met many families out and about (within 2km) and I am amazed by the courage and resilience of our wonderful children. The staff and I miss you all very much but we are delighted that everyone is well and keeping safe.

As a school we have invested a lot of money to enable easier communication with parents. We strongly encourage you to download Aladdin Connect so that you can hear all our school news during the closure. From 11th May, teachers will use Aladdin to set and correct work and keep in touch with families. Reports ,booklists etc will all be sent via Aladdin so it is in everyone’s interest to get connected,


The Senior CFSN (Child and Family Support Network) Co-ordinator in Kilkenny would like to let parents know that they are still providing and co-ordinating services for children, young people and families in the area.  Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the ways in which supports are being provided have been altered to best meet the needs of families, while adhering to governmental guidelines.  The CFSN Co-ordinators provide supports for all families, whether or not they have been engaged with Tusla previously, these supports can include access to counselling; family support; supports for young children and teenagers; therapy online or on the phone, or help with food and practical supports.  If you would like to find out more, please contact your local Snr CFSN Co-ordinator:               Nora Roberts                                  087 7943746


 Keep safe and well and stay in touch with your teachers via Aladdin Connect!

Irene and all the staff

Please click on the relevant links below for school work and activities.

Junior Infant Plan l2

_Senior Infants5th May 2020

1st class week starting 4th of May

Second Class Week 5

3rd-4th class week 5

Fifth Sixth May Week 1

Ball under chin relay race June 2019
Rooms 1, 2 and 3 say Thank you to parents and friends of the Pres for this huge cheque September 2018

Some of our boys and girls with a selection of shoe boxes November 2018



April 2020

Week April 27th -May 1st

Message from Tusla

The Senior CFSN (Child and Family Support Network) Co-ordinator in Kilkenny would like to let parents know that they are still providing and co-ordinating services for children, young people and families in the area.  Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the ways in which supports are being provided have been altered to best meet the needs of families, while adhering to governmental guidelines.  The CFSN Co-ordinators provide supports for all families, whether or not they have been engaged with Tusla previously, these supports can include access to counselling; family support; supports for young children and teenagers; therapy online or on the phone, or help with food and practical supports.  If you would like to find out more, please contact your local Snr CFSN Co-ordinator:               Nora Roberts                                  087 7943746


April 27th-A draft copy of the School Admissions Policy is now at the top of the Information for Parents page. If you have any queries please e mail the school

Letter to Parents 27th April 2020-04-24

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you and your families are well and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.

It is lovely to see so many children out and about: walking, cycling and playing outdoors.

The teachers have put together some more ideas for working at home. Please feel free to choose the activities that are manageable for you and you families.

Don’t forget to join Aladdin Connect by Friday to be in with a chance to win 100 euro!

If you are having problems installing Aladdin or if you have any other news, concerns etc. please email the school at

Take care and keep safe

Irene and all the staff

Please click on the relevant links below for work/activities for this week . We hope you enjoy doing these with your family.

Junior Infants work 27th April 2020

Senior Infants 27th April 2020

First class work 27th April 2020

Second Class Week 4

3rd-4th class 27th April 2020

5th -6th Class 27th april (1)

Here are some reminders of school days we had not so long ago.

The relay race was great fun in June 2019.
Green fingers in Room 10 May 2019
Bake Sale June 2018

Aladdin School Connect -Important Information for Parents/Guardians 22/04/20

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school is delighted to announce that we will shortly roll out the Aladdin Schools Connect to parents/guardians of children in our classes.

The school uses the Aladdin Schools software service for administrative purposes and Connect will give you secure access to messages from the school and to details of your child’s attendance, test results, reports cards etc  via secure login from your internet browser or Aladdin Connect App

Aladdin Connect is a fantastic way to enhance a school’s communication with  parents. It enables parents to stay connected and informed about their child’s education by:
– Ensuring that the school has their most up to date contact information
Allowing schools to collect permission/consent forms from parents
– Allowing parents to quickly and efficiently select preferred slots for parent teacher meetings 
– Keeping parents appraised of their child’s attendance
– Keeping parents up to date on school and classroom news via noticeboard messages
– Allowing parents view their child’s approved report card
– Allowing parents to view their child’s latest standardised test results

Along with strengthening our home/school partnership, we also envisage Aladdin Connect helping the school by:
– Helping to improve attendance by allowing parents to keep track of any school days their child may have currently missed,  along with late arrival and early leaving information.
– Helping to reduce the amount of class/school notes being sent home
– Helping the school/ teachers communicate with parents when the need arises
– Reducing costs by eliminating the need to send school report cards by post
– Reducing costs by reducing the number of text messages that need to be sent

You can rest reassured that Aladdin Schools uses state-of-the-art security to safeguard information entered by the school and data is stored and processed in strict compliance with Irish and European data protection laws.

In the next few days, you will receive a text/email message containing your registration link.  There will be one link per parent which will allow the parent to access information for all their children in the school from one user account. Please do not forward this text/email or share this link as this is a unique registration code for each parent for your child/children in this school. During registration you will choose a password that will be used in conjunction with your email address to securely access the Aladdin Connect going forward. The main advantage of using the App is to receive immediate alerts for app messages sent by your school. Downloading the App is highly recommended to enhance both the parent and school’s Connect experience.

In preparation for this please let the school know if your email address or phone number has changed recently.

This can be done by

Please note: If there are any personal concerns, or legal provisions in place regarding giving access to Connect to any parent/guardian of your child please contact the school in confidence to discuss or restrict access as required.

We hope that you enjoy using Aladdin Connect. Your class teacher, the secretary or myself will welcome any feedback or questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,

Irene Deasy





Letter to Parents/ Guardians:20th April 2020


To all our wonderful Presentation families,

We hope you are all well after our Easter “holidays”. At least the weather was kind to us, and I met many families out walking in the sunshine.  We will continue to provide work on the website for the moment, but there is no pressure to complete all the activities.

Many parents are worried that they are not doing enough, but spending time with your children chatting, playing and reading is the very best thing you can do right now. Involving them in household tasks is also great for them as it teaches them life skills which will stand to them in the future.

All schools will have to make up for lost academic time when school resumes and you can rely on our wonderful teachers to do just that! We will liaise with the CBS and the secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition when that time comes.

This week, we plan to introduce Aladdin Connect to our school. This is a system which will enable easier communication between families and school.  You will receive a text a parent later this week with more details.

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and your lovely families.

Kind Regards

Irene and all the staff

Please click on the relevant links below for your child’s work/activities for the week April 20th -24th. We hope you and your family enjoy doing these activities together.


Senior InfantsI learning suggestions 20th April

1st Class Activities 20th April

Second Class 2oth April

3rd4th class 20th April

5th6th class 20th April

We hope days like these will be back very soon.

March 2020

March/April 2020

School Closure Activities


25/03/20 Apologies for difficulties you were having logging in, this was due to an unusually high volume of traffic on the website.

Click on the link below if you would like to take part in the Chess as a Home -Project



Week 1: 23/03-27/03/20

Please click on the links below for the relevant classes. We hope you enjoy doing these activities with your families.

1. Junior Infant week 1

2. Senior Infants week 1

3. 1st class week 1

4. 2nd class week 1

5. 3rd 4th class week 1

6. 5th 6th class week 1



To all our wonderful Presentation families,

We hope you are keeping safe at this difficult time. We know that our children miss the structure of school life and the company of their friends.

It is difficult to provide younger children with work which is meaningful and educational. However we would like to support families at home by suggesting a number of websites which provide enjoyable,educational activities for children.

We  also suggest a number of other activities.

This post will be updated regularly while we are out of school.

We also recommend reading, cooking and baking, construction toys , drawing and colouring , jigsaws , board games, painting, junk art, playing outdoors, daily walk/run, cycling etc. Please ensure that all members of your family adhere to social distancing guidelines as issued by the HSE.

Irene Deasy and Staff of Presenation Primary School.


World Book Day-March 5th

Lots of boys and girls dressed up as their favourite characters on March 5th. Ms Simpson and her class made a beautiful collage.

Great collage

Challenge to Change Room 13

Third Class girls in Room 13 are currently taking part in Challenge to Change . Their project is entitled ” Is There a Climate For Change?” They have done lots of work on this project. They created informative posters in groups. They want to raise awareness of global warming throughout the school and wider community. There is a challenge to change noticeboard and a committee to steer the project.

The girls have made a list of small practical things we can all do to save our beautiful planet. These changes can make a big impact globally, and can help preserve our planet for future generations.

Gaeilgeoirí na Bliana sa Scoil

Gaeilgeoirí na Scoile, tá sibh ar fheabhas!

Congratulations to you all! Everybody got a framed photograph of themselves to take home to their families.

Bhi rince ar an gclós, agus bhí an craic ag gach éinne ag caitheamh glas, bán, agus ór! 

Everybody looked great in their green, white and gold. Lá Fhéile Phádraig shona daoibh go léir.

School Closure: we would advise everybody to follow government advice to keep you and your families safe. Keep up with your reading and gets lots of fresh air when you can.

February 2020

Visit from Garda Mounted Support Unit 

On Wednesday February 12th we had a visit from Garda Kenny and Garda Daly on their horses Cumhall and Dultach.

The guards gave information about their horses.
Everybody listened and waited patiently to rub one of the horses.
The queue started.
Everybody got a turn to rub Cumhall or Dultach.

Cumhall and Dultach are based in The Phoenix Park with stables at Árus an Uachtaráin. The duties of the unit are community policing, event control, crowd control and searches for missing persons. Thank you Garda Kenny and Garda Daly for coming to visit us.

Fashion Show

On Sunday February 16th a fashion show took place in Hotel Kilkenny in aid of The CBS and Presentation Primary schools. It was a huge success! The Clothes were provided by Goods, Detail Menswear, Radical Menswear, Kilkenny Dance Shop and Hennessy Sports. A huge thank you to Margaret Harkin from Goods, who organised the event, to Hotel Kilkenny, who provided a room free of charge, to Edward Hayden who gave his time as MC free of charge and to Miriam Walsh, who made a guest appearance. Thanks also to the Parents’ Councils, models,  staff from both schools and from Goods, parents, boys and girls  and all who supported the event.

One of our young models
Ms Walpole looking very glamorous!
Ms Moran looking good!
Ms Kelly doing a twirl on the Catwalk
Ms Carey wearing lovely colours
Mrs Power looks great on the Catwalk.
Mrs O’ Shea is wearing a great dress and a spectacular hat!
Avril and her two junior models look very happy!
Ms O’ Donoghue and Luca made a great team!
Ms Deasy looked very elegant!
Ms Dwyer is wearing a very stylish dress and matching head gear.
Mrs Millea looks very at home on the catwalk!
What a beautiful Communion dress!
Another beautiful Communion dress from Kilkenny Dance Shop!
This Young model enjoyed the catwalk! Edward loved her modelling!
Parents will have a huge choice of lovely dresses.
All these dresses are under €100!
Another gorgeous dress being modelled!
At the interval, we had music from The CBS and the Hurl dance. Thanks Evelyn for preparing the dancers.
Pretty in pink!
What a beautiful outfit!
Another lovely outfit from Goods.
More great gear from Goods!
Ms Deasy is wearing a lovely navy dress and matching shoes.
Ms Dwyer is wearing beautiful Spring colours.
Avril is looking very cool, as she waves to her fans!
Mrs Millea looks great in her cool gear too!
Ms Moran is wearing a lovely dress from Goods Spring/Summer collection
Mrs O’ Shea looks like she is heading to a wedding in this lovely outfit.
Family fashion-mother and daughter look great!
Ms Walpole looks great in this beautiful dress, matching hat and boots.
Ms Carey looks very elegant.
Ms Kelly in great dress with matching hat!
Our young model looks great in this gear, head to toe in pink and navy!
Two best friends in school tracksuits fro Hennessy Sports!
Great dress on our happy model!
Another beautiful outfit !
Ms Carey looks great in these trousers and top.
Ms Kelly and Ms Moran are looking good in these Spring/Summer dresses.
Avril is wearing a lovely dress and matching jacket.
Ms Deasy is all set for a day in our Irish Spring weather.

We would also like to thank Emily’s Art, Tip Top Toes, Biddy’s Horse Shoes and Turning Heads for helping to make the event such a success. Mile buiochas also to the companies who set up stalls, sponsored great prizes, and the advertisers who made cash donations.  Approximately €10,000 was raised !!Everybody had a great afternoon. Thanks for the face painting and the kids’ disco. We could not have done this without all the support from local business people. So please everybody remember to shop local and support local business.

Confirmation February 29th

Congratulations to our sixth class girls who made their Confirmation on February 29th. Thanks to all the teachers involved in preparing the girls for this wonderful event. We hope you all had a great day celebrating with your families.

Confirmation Class 2020


January 2020

Welcome back to school everybody. We hope you enjoyed your holidays and are all set for 2020!

Dogs Trust

Maeve from Dogs Trust came to visit us with Penny her beautiful golden retriever. She gave great advice on caring for our pets.

Patient Penny in Room 6 waiting for her treat.
Everybody loved Penny.
Be dog smart!

Annual Book Fair

Our annual Book Fair, organised by Miss Moran in Room 13,  took place on Friday January 31st. She drew up a timetable so everybody got a chance to firstly browse and then  buy some great books.

There are some great posters around the school advertising the Book Fair.

Boys and girls enjoyed checking out the books.
There were great books at very good prices available.
The Book Fair was a great success.

Thank you Ms Moran and thanks to all the parents, boys and girls who supported it.

Fashion Show Fundraiser

Date for your diary: Sunday February 16th.

December 2019

Surprise Santa Visit

What a wonderful surprise everybody got on Wednesday December 18th. Santa came to visit us with his chief elf. He heard some great songs and poems in Irish and English on his tour of the classrooms.

The boys and girls in Room 1 were VERY excited!
Room 2 boys and girls REALLY love Santa!
Santa got a GREAT welcome with lots of hugs in Room 3.
Boys and girls in Room 4 asked very intelligent questions!
Room 5 were delighted to see Santa!
Santa was very welcome in Room 6 too!
Room 7 had a lovely poem to entertain Santa.
Room 8 were thrilled to see Santa!
All the boys and girls were very excited when Santa called in.
The Second Class girls, from Room 10 and The Library,  and the boys and girls from Room 17 got a great surprise.
Santa’s last call was to the hall, where he met third and fourth classes. They were thrilled to see him.

Thank you Santa for coming to visit us. Thank you elves for all your help, and thank you for all the treats. Thank you Ms Deasy for inviting Santa to The Pres, and thank you Clare for giving out all the treats . Míle buiochas Daidí na Nollag. Tóg sos mór tar éis na Nollag agus tar ar ais arís i 2020.

Christmas Plays and Concerts 2019

We were all treated to beautiful songs and plays by Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Classes and the Junior Language Unit. They all performed for the school and their parents. All the boys and girls were wonderful. Míle buiochas to their teachers, SNA’s and the boys and girls themselves for all their work in preparing their shows.

Senior Infants and the Junior Language Unit performed It’s a Baby. They acted and sang beautifully.
Some of the stars of the show
First Classes performed a school favourite-The Bossy King. Everybody was singing along and doing the actions.
Ms O’ Donoghue led the way with the very entertaining Popsico song! Santa did a great dance!
The main cast of The Bossy King and Santa
Junior Infants sang some beautiful songs in three languages, English, Irish and Spanish! They were great !

The school, and all the parents and families really enjoyed all the performances. A big thank you to everybody involved.

Parents’ Council: thank you SO much for organising the Christmas Raffle during the Christmas shows. We would also like to thank the sponsors who gave fabulous prizes for the raffle. It was a huge success. Thanks also for the selection boxes which were raffled off in a free draw for every class. The Board of Management, staff, parents and children really appreciate all you do for the school.

Kilkenny Christmas Tree Festival St Canice’s Cathedral

The Christmas Tree Festival which is part of Yulefest Kilkenny takes place from the 5th to the 10th of December. Our school has three wonderful entries.

The Butterfly Tree was created By Ms Murphy, with assistance from Ms Bryan, 6th Class girls and her little helpers in Room 1.
The Card Tree was created by Ms O’ Donoghue and her class in Room 6.
The Coffee Cup tree is the creation of Mrs Millea, Mrs O’ Shea and Second Class

November 2019

Team Hope: Christmas Shoebox Appeal

A big thank you to all the boys and girls, and their families who brought in Shoebox gifts for children in need in areas of conflict and poverty. There was a huge response to the appeal, and the children who receive these gifts will be thrilled.

Some of the boys and girls from Room 5 who brought in shoeboxes.

Our Senior pupils went around the school and collected all the shoeboxes, which were ready for collection on November 12th. Go raibh míle maith agaibh.

Pizza Making in Supermac’s

Mrs Brennan’s 3rd and 4th class had a great treat on Thursday November 21st. They went to Supermac’s and made their own pizzas! Congratulations to Lexi Mc Cormack, who won the Supermac’s Halloween colouring competition and the prize was yummy!

Making your own pizza is great fun!
Look at our creations!

A big thank you to Lexi, Mrs Brennan and the staff of Supermac’s. The girls had a lovely morning. they learned how to make pizzas and then got to enjoy them !


Congratulations to Ms Davis and Ms Hennessy and their families on the birth of their beautiful baby boys. We hope Ms Carrigan and Ms O’ Meara are enjoying their leave with their gorgeous babies.