June 2014 Events

                                                                    Orchestra Visit

The Kilkenny Youth Orchestra paid us a visit, and treated us to two wonderful concerts.

Beautiful Music
Beautiful Music
june 14 004
A joy to hear
june 14 007
Musicians ready to perform
june 14 011
An appreciative audience
june 14 013
Thank you Philip and friends for the music.

Cycling Skills

It was great to see our pupils learning road traffic awareness and how to cycle safely.

june 14 021
Learning cycling skills
june 14 023
This is hard work!
june 14 025
Can’t wait to get on the road.

Junior Sports Day

june 14 029
Listen to teacher
june 14 031
june 14 035
I can do it!
june 14 039
Enjoying the fun in the sun
june 14 051
Can the Blues do it?
june 14 055
We love the sack races.
june 14 057
Keeping an eye on the opposition!
june 14 059
Jumping through hoops.

  Cinderella-A Pantomime

Sixth class girls worked very hard this year with their teachers and Mrs Mc Dermot. They put on a very entertaining show for the school and their parents. It was great fun.

june 14 063
Some of the Cast of the show
june 14 064
The Mean Girls and Co
june 14 069
Of course we will live happily ever after!

Basketball Blitz

We all enjoyed the final of the Summer Basketball Blitz. Well done to the winners and runners up and to all who took part.

june 14 083
Will it go into the net?
june 14 085
Doing the best for my team

Cake Sale

june 14 087
These look yummy!
june 14 089
What a display!
june 14 090
Happy Customers!
june 14 092
A very successful day!
june 14 094
Lucky prize winner and friends

Summer Art

A lot of art work took place this June both inside and outside the school.

We have a beautiful new mural now in the Junior Yard for everybody to enjoy.

june 14 095
Artists at work, Lorraine Murphy assisted by Ami Abbotts
june 14 096
Fifth Class girls painting scenes under the guidance of Ms Murphy
june 14 097
Beautiful Butterflies
june 14 100
The Girls and The Gruffalo!
june 14 103
A very wise saying!

A big thank you to Ms Murphy for designing this fabulous mural, and to all the artists involved. The present and future Pres boys and girls and their parents can enjoy these works of art.

Crafted Project

june 14 104
Sixth class girls with their class exhibit
june 14 106
We made beautiful jewellery.
june 14 110
Craft making was really good fun
june 14 115
Showing the stages for jewellery making
june 14 113
We learned a lot during the Crafted Project.

A big thank you to Monika for all the skills we learned. We enjoyed putting on an exhibition for our parents and the school.

As you can see June was a really busy time in The Pres. We have all earned our Summer Holidays!