January 2019

Health Promotion Activities 

There are lots of activities going on in school this month to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of us. Classes are doing Go Noodle Dancing,¬† ¬†10 @ 10, 12 @ 12 Operation Transformation , Teddy Bear Rock n Roll, yard laps, mindfulness and rethink your drink, to name a few.On Fridays we have Yard Dancing. It’s a great fun and good for everybody.

Room 2 10@10
Let’s do this.
Look at our moves!
Dancing on the “stage” in Room 3!
Room 8-we LOVE to dance!
Yard Dancing
Fun Friday Dancing
Mrs Millea’s Class in Room 13 have made us rethink our drinks!

There are lots of clubs in the locality with a huge variety of enjoyable activities going on, see the list for details.

Health Promotion Committee January Activity