S.I.P. School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan for literacy was started in our school in September 2013. We gathered evidence from parents, pupils, teachers and standardized test results, and consequently devised our targets. Our targets are to instil a love of reading, and to improve confidence and competence in all aspects of literacy.

Year 1: Actions 2013 -2014: 5th class were our target group. They received extra literacy classes, and in class guided reading. It was decided to focus on Oral Language for the whole school with a focus on skills development. Shared reading took place from Junior Infants to Mixed 2nd/3rd class.

Year 2: Actions 2014-2015: 3rd class is our target group for this year. They are in receipt of extra literacy classes and in class guided reading. Last years 5th class, presently in 6th class are continuing with a strong focus on literacy, and are engaged in guided reading. Oral Language remains a main focus for all our pupils throughout the school. The Shared Reading Programme continues for Junior Classes up to and including 2nd.   We are starting the Accelerated Reading Programme with our 3rd/ 4th and 5th classes soon.

S. I. P. will focus on Numeracy next. We are presently gathering evidence to devise our Numeracy targets.



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