Fund Raising: Comic & Cake Sale 2014

Cake Sale June 2014

These look yummy!
These look yummy!
What a Display!
What a Display!
Prize winner and friends
Prize winner and friends

Cake Sale June 2013


Cake saleCake Sale 2012

This year’s cake sale again was a great success. Thanks to all our parents and pupils.  €829 was raised.

Cake Sale June 2011

On June 24th. fifth and sixth classes held a very successful cake sale. There were some delicious goodies for sale.

These buns look great!


The cake and comic sale was a great success again this year. €1060 was raised. Thanks to 5th & 6th class pupils & teachers. Thanks to all parents and pupils for their contributions.

We got great bargains!
It’s good to shop!
Happy Senior Infant Shoppers!
Tired and happy at the end of a successful day!


On June 21st, fifth and sixth classes organised a very successful cake and comic sale. There was a wonderful selection of cakes, buns, comics and books. Thanks very much for all the baking and other contributions. Thanks to all your generosity, over €1300 was raised. It was an enjoyable experience for all involved.

One very happy customer
Lots of lovely buns and cakes here.
It is hard to make a decision.
Happy Shoppers!
Time to count the money.
An Audit!
Money well spent!