June Activities 2021

Music generation

Music generation is Ireland’s national music education programme, whose aim is to provide high quality music education to children and young people.

We had a visit recently from music generation’s very talented instructors. They gave lessons in drumming to our younger classes and dance lessons to everybody from 2nd to 6th classes. It was all great fun and all the boys and girls learned a lot.

Drumming Classes

Everyone is listening carefully.


Drumming is great fun!
We love this!

Dance Classes

Fifth Class love the dance class.

This is great!


Wow what a hand stand!
Thank you Music generation, we had a great time and learned a lot.

Sports and Tours

This year we had sports and tours with a difference. Classes stayed local and enjoyed all the wonderful things that Kilkenny has to offer within walking distance of our school. Every class is did their own sporting activities and had lots of fun being out and about.

Here are the girls from Room 14 enjoying their sports day.

Second Class sack Race Winners
This Sack race is tricky!
Happy girls from second Class
Running is fun !



All classes went out and enjoyed their sports at different days and times in the last two weeks in June. The green area was very busy!

Zany Hair and Mad Socks Day !

On Friday June 25th all adults and children had amazing hair styles and socks ! It was great fun. Everybody brought in €2 which was spent on yummy treats like pizza and ice cream.

Great hair !

Amazing styles!


Zoom Graduation and Prayer Service 


This year we said farewell to our 6th class by zoom. We had a lovely ceremony. We wish our 6th class pupils all the best in the future.

Sixth Class 2021

We had a lovely end of year prayer service on June 30th by zoom also.

We hope everybody has a wonderful Summer. Enjoy it and stay safe. school reopens on September 1st.




We have a great variety of music in the school.

Kilkenny youth orchestra puts on concerts for us regularly.

 June 2014

june 14 013
Philip and friends entertaining us.

A joy to hear
A joy to hear


Musicians ready to perform
Musicians ready to perform

Music 2010

Kilkenny Youth Orchestra

On February 17th we enjoyed a very informative talk and enjoyable performance from Philip and the musicians.

Our choir accompanied the orchestra. Thanks to Philip, Margaret and everybody involved.

MUSIC 2009

All classes enjoy a vibrant music programme and

parents are treated to lunch-time concerts in June and December.

Our choir, trained and conducted by Ms. Margaret Murran, performed for the school and their parents before the holidays. They were wonderful.
Lunch time concerts June 12th. 2009 conducted by Ms. Cathy Kenny
First classes, who were awarded 2nd place in the Kilkenny Music Festival 2009.
Second and Third Classes, playing their recorders, who were awarded first place for singing in the Kilkenny Music festival 2009.
Concert June 17th. 4th. 5th and 6th choir conducted by Ms. Margaret Murran