News /Nuacht na Scoile

June 2018

June was a really busy month for all of us at school. We had school tours, trips to the Castle Park, Junior Sports Day, Bake Sale and of course the Sixth Class play. We would like to thank  Ms Deasy, the staff, all the boys and girls in our school for a great year. We wish those of you going to the CBS, to Second level and other schools all the best in the future. We would like to thank our wonderful Parent Council for all their hard work and support throughout the year. Who wants to be a Thousandaire, was a brilliant success, the cheque for a whopping €25,000 was given to Ms Deasy on June 28th. We will see the fruits of your labour, when we return to a resurfaced Junior yard next year. Have a wonderful Summer, hope the sun continues to shine. See you on August 30th. Slán agus beannacht.


Sixth Class Play -Once Upon a Fairy Tale

The wicked witch has burned all the Fairy tales!
A world without Fairy Tales ! What are we going to do?
The wicked witch wanted to kidnap the fairy Queen
Paddy Mac tells everyone that Gretel ate The Poor Gingerbread Man!
The dwarfs found Paddy Mac and Paddy Whack.
All the Fairy Tale characters are back together.
The Grand finale-and “they all lived happily ever after”.

The sixth classes from Rooms 15 and 16 put on a very entertaining play for the school and their parents. A big thank you to Mrs Mc Dermot, Ms Carrigan, Ms Collins and our actors from sixth class. It was a great show.

Bake Sale

The annual bake sale took place on Friday June 15th. It was a brilliant success. There were lots of delicious goodies on sale. A big thank you to Ms Bolger, fifth class, and all the teachers and girls who helped out. We could not have a Bake Sale without bakers and customers! A big thank you also to all the parents and junior bakers for providing the wonderful variety of cakes and buns, and the money for the boys and girls to buy them. It is much appreciated.

We will enjoy these!
We love buying and selling cakes and buns.
Can’t wait to eat these.
Happy shoppers and helpers
What a great display!
We love buns!

Junior Sports Day

Junior Sports Day was held on June 15th. It was great fun. We had a variety of novelty races. Everybody dressed in their team colours with matching face paint. Families came to cheer the teams on.

Great colours on all the teams
We are ready to go.
Concentration is needed here.
I can do it.
I can do it too!
Hoops are great.
Sack race

The Picnic

After all the excitement of the Bake Sale and Junior Sports Day everybody had a picnic on the yard.

Girls enjoying their picnic
It’s good to sit and enjoy our picnic.
We have the Friday feeling.

Friday fifteenth was a great day at school. We all enjoyed it. Míle buiochas do gach duine.

May 2018

Sports Day 2018 May 25th

Our annual Sports Day was held on Friday May 25th. It was a beautiful day and a huge success.

Second Class Short race
Fourth class short race
Long Race
Happy group of medal winners!
Second Class Sack Race
Senior Sack Race
Everybody enjoyed the races.
Lots of cheers for Mums’ Race!
Dads were cheered on too!
Winning Mums and Dads proudly show their medals.
Dad and daughter are winners.
Well done girls!
Three Legged Race Winners
Long Race

Relay Race

Teachers’ Race
Winning Teachers
There’s a big queue for ice-cream after sports day.
We LOVE ice-cream thank you!

A big thank you to the Parents Council, Ms Bolger, Ms Cummins, 5th class, and to all the teachers and parents involved in Sports Day. A lot of work went into the preparation, time table, setting up and tidying up.  It was brilliant. The sun shone, everybody had great fun and the ice-cream was yummy.

First Holy Communion May 20th 2018

Second class girls from Rooms 13 and 9 made their first Holy Communion with CBS boys, and Mother of Fair Love boys and girls on Sunday May 20th. Mr Brennan’s CBS Choir sang with our 5th and 6th class girls. It was a beautiful ceremony. The girls looked gorgeous in their beautiful dresses. We hope everybody had a great day with their families. A big thank you to their teachers, Mrs Millea and Ms Cuddihy for all their work preparing the girls for the event. Thanks to Ms Fitzpatrick and Mr Brennan for their work with the choir. It was a wonderful occasion.

Second Class Girls from Rooms 9 and 18

April 2018

Welcome back everybody, we hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and are ready for another busy last term.

Confirmation 2018

On Saturday April 21st our sixth class girls celebrated their Confirmation with CBS 6th class boys and Mother of Fair Love boys and girls. The 5th class choir and Seamus Brennan’s choir sang beautifully. Bishop Dermot Farrell presided over a lovely ceremony. It was a beautiful day to celebrate with family and friends.

Confirmation Class 2018

A big thank you to their teachers for all their work in preparing the girls. Thank you to fifth class and Mrs Fitzpatrick for the choir. We hope you all had a wonderful day.

April 11th-Fifth Class-Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Fifth classes in Rooms 14 and 15 worked very hard on their Junior Entrepreneur Programme this year. They designed their product “Cuddly Buds”, and spent over a month producing them. On Wednesday April 11th Cuddly buds went on sale in Room 14. It was a fantastic success. Fifth class were delighted with the number of sales for their product, which had been marketed successfully throughout the school.

Cuddly Buds sales exectives
Junior Infants listen intently to the presentation.
The entrepreneurs present their product.
The production process
We love our cuddly buds.
Happy shoppers!
More happy shoppers!

A big thank you to Ms O’ Meara for all her work in this programme. The girls are looking forward to spending their profit on their trip to the RDS in Dublin in June, and giving some of their proceeds to charity.



March 2018

  Ag Ceiliúradh Seachtain na Gaeilge

Bhí an lá againn sa halla ar an 14ú de Márta.

Tháinig ár Bean a’ Tí ar ais chughainn. Míle Buiochas.
Na Cainteoirí is fearr i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge 2018
An Haca Gaelach
An Teach a Thóg Séan-Rang a 4
Na Naíonáin Shóisearacha ar an bhfeirm
Ranganna a 3 agus a 3/4 le dán agus amhráin

Ag baint taitneamh as an lá
Ranganna 1 agus 1/2 ag canadh
Ceol le Pól
Ceol Le Pol arís
Ceol breise Le Pól. Go raibh míle maith agat.
Glaoch na h Eireann le Rang a Dó
Rinceoirí na Scoile
Rinceoirí lena camáin
Naíonáin Shinsearacha ag canadh
Rang a Cúig ag canadh
Bhí Seó Faisean ag Rang a Sé.
Fuair Bean Uí Mhoráin bláthanna deasa. Go raibh míle maith agat.
Kate ag rince Riverdance. Bhí sí ar fheabhas.
Criochnaigh an lá le Rinceoirí na Scoile. Bhí siad ar fheabhas freisin.

An Ceilí

Bhí ceili againn sa halla ar an Aoine.

Míle buiochas do Martin, Paddy agus Bean Uí Cheallaigh.
Bhí an craic ag gach duine ag damhsa timpeall na halla.
Bhí an ceol agus an rince go hiontach. Go raibh mile maith agaibh as ucht an tráthnóna specialta sa halla.

Peace Proms

Fifth and Sixth classes performed with other schools in the locality, in Cillin Hill on Monday March 19th. It was a wonderful occasion. Everybody sang really well and looked great at Peace Proms. Buiochas mór do na cailíní agus do na múinteoirí.

Our 5th and 6th class performers



Bhaineamar go léir an taitneamh as an gceiliúradh. Buiochas mór do gach duine. Ta súil againn go raibh deireadh seachtaine Naomh Pádraig an mhaith ag gach duine.

Debating Team

We are very proud of our debating team from 5th and 6th classes. They have been debating here, and  with teams from other schools. On Thursday  March 22nd they debated the motion “Single sex schools are better than mixed schools”, for their parents and 3rd to 6th classes. It was a very enjoyable exchange of views. Thank you to their teachers and Ms Jo Doyle for preparing the girls for their debates.

Our Debating Team

Health Promoting Committee

Healthy eating was the focus of the committee this term. A healthy eating poster competition was organised, and the posters are displayed around the school. Thanks to all the teachers and boys and girls involved.

Our Health Promoting Committee

We would like to wish everybody a Happy Easter. We hope to see you all back at school on Monday April 9th.

Thousandaire Fundraiser

Our Thousandaire fundraiser on March 22nd was a great success.  It was a great event and everybody enjoyed it. A huge thank  you to the committee who did tremendous work, thanks to all our sponsors, parents, staff in the Ormonde Hotel, and everyone who supported us. To date we have raised over  €21,000. We planned to resurface the junior yard and our goal has been achieved. Míle buiochas.

February 2018

Love is in the air in The Pres! The school has been beautifully  decorated by classes upstairs and downstairs, for St Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Mrs Davis for her Things we Love.. art in the front hall.

Things We Love……
St Valentine’s Day Art
lots of love about!

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Challenge to Change : The fourth class girls in Mrs Brennan’s class are taking part in the Challenge to Change Project. The topic is: An Inclusive World-Celebrating Diversity-Interculturalism. The girls have made many interesting discoveries about the customs, traditions and festivals celebrated by children from different cultures in our school community. They have learned about equality, inclusion and integration. Their main focus was on human rights and visual impairments. As 2018 is the 300th birthday celebration year of Nano Nagle,the founder of the Presentation Order, her motto to “enable” and to “empower” was forefront in their minds.

National Dress Day: February 14th -everybody was invited to wear clothes that represent their national dress.

Our Junior Infants looked great in their national costumes!
Senior Infants looked amazing!
Boys and girls from Rooms 3, 5 and 9 looked wonderful.
Fabulous costumes from Rooms 10, 11, 12 and 13!
pupils from Rooms 14, 15, 16 and 18 had great diversity in costumes.

Everybody enjoyed dressing up in their national costumes. It was a great day.

Fundraiser: Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire?

Launch Night: takes place on Wednesday February 21st at 8pm, hosted by Presentation Primary School, with special guests Cillian Buckley and Ollie Walsh in The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel.

Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire Show takes place on Thursday March 22nd. Tickets @ €20 can be bought on Launch night or from the school.

Please come and support us.


December 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 was wonderful. We were very busy with Christmas shows, art, music and a trip to see The Sound of music.

Junior Infants Play : Whoops -a-Daisy Angel

Junior Infants from Rooms 1, 2 and 4 performed their show Whoops -a -Daisy Angel for the school on Wednesday December 13th, and for their parents on Thursday December 14th. W-A-D was a very clumsy, forgetful angel, until she got a very special job. She told everyone the Good News about the Baby Jesus.

Junior Infants welcome us to their show.
W-A-D counted the beautiful snowflakes. Did she get it right?

Oh look the baby has arrived!
Kings and Shepherds come to see the Baby Jesus. W-A-D got it right, this time!
Everybody welcomes the Baby Jesus.
Wow, look who came to the stable after getting stuck in the chimney! Santa!!! Amazing!
Some stars of the show from Room 4.
More of the stars of the show from Room 2.

It was an absolutely brilliant show!  Thank you parents for the great costumes. A big thank you to all the boys and girls who were in the show, to the Junior Infant teachers, to the  other teachers involved, and to all the senior girls who helped to ensure we all enjoyed Whoops -a Daisy Angel. It was worth all the hard work! Everybody in the Pres and the  Junior Infant parents and families really enjoyed the show.

A Midwife Crisis

The boys and girls in Rooms 3, 5 , 9 and 17 put on an amazing show for the school on Monday December 18th. The midwife was in crisis because she was looking for the “Palace” in Bethlehem, where a King was to be born. She looked for directions from locals, census takers, kings and shepherds.

The Midwife and her Donkey tell us about their “crisis”.
There’s great singing and dancing along the way.
The Kings don’t know where she can find the palace.
Maybe there is no palace for this king. There is no room at ANY inn! Where could he be? lets sing and see.
Never mind Sat-Nav, the Stars have shown the way!
The Baby Jesus has been found. The King was born in a stable! The “crisis” is over, the King has been found. Joy to the world.
Some of the cast of the show. Well done!
More of the cast of the show from Room 9
The Bright shining stars who led the way to the stable.

A Midwife Crisis is a great Christmas show. We were privileged to enjoy its premier in the school. Everybody worked really hard to put on such a great performance. The singing, dancing and poems were great. Thanks very much to the parents for the costumes, to the boys and girls for their performances, and to the teachers, from Rooms 3, 5, 9 and 17,  and to their helpers, for all their hard work. Míle buiochas, díbh go léir.

A Miracle in Town

We were all in for another treat when Senior Infants put on their show, A Miracle in Town.

We were told the wonderful story of The First Christmas in song.
Mary and Joseph made the long journey to Bethlehem to be counted.
There was no room for them in any inn, so they had to go to a stable. The stable was really “a cosy pad”, where Jesus was born.
The kings and shepherds came with gifts.
The camels and servants had very important jobs too. Nobody told Jealous Herod where the New King lay. They kept him safe.
 It was a Miracle. A new king was born to save the world. ! Everybody was full of joy and wonder and sang A Miracle in Town.
Some of the stars of the show from Room 7
Some of the stars of the show from Room 6.
More stars of the show  from Room 8

A Miracle in Town was a wonderful show. Everybody sang, danced and said their very important lines very well. Thank you very much to the boys and girls who took part, and to their parents for the costumes, and helping them with their lines. Míle buiochas to their class teachers, other teachers and helpers involved. All that work made it possible that the school and Senior Infant families enjoyed a great show.

Santa Visits The Pres!

As well as all the excitement of the Christmas plays we had a really important visitor on Thursday December 21st.

Lots of boys and girls came to the hall to welcome Santa. Our wonderful Parents’ Council brought treats.
Great to see you Santa.
Lots of people came up to say Hello to Santa.
We hope he remembers everything on our long lists!
We all love Santa.
Slán Santa, busy,busy, busy, he’s got to go.
What a surprise Room 1 boys and girls got!
Room 2 got a BIG surprise too!
Everybody in Room 4 was amazed!Is it really HIM?         YES it is!
The boys and girls in Room 8 could hardly believe their eyes!
Wow, this is unbelievable! We won’t forget to leave treats for you and the reindeer.
Let’s sing for Santa. He’s really here.
Room 6 boys and girls love Santa.

Thanks for coming to visit us Santa. Thanks Parents’ Council for the treats.

December was a really busy time here in the Pres. All the boys and girls from Room 1 to Room 9 have been SO busy getting ready to put on their plays for the school and their families. We all really enjoyed them. We would like to wish all the boys and girls and their families a very happy Christmas and a great new year. We will see you all on Monday January 8th.  Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir agus Ath Bhliain faoi shean agus faoi mhaise do gach duine.

Kilkenny Christmas Tree Festival took place in St Canice’s Cathedral from Dec 8th to 13th.

We had three wonderful entrants. They are now back in the front hall and look amazing. Enjoy the trees on you way into the concerts, and don’t forget to buy some raffle tickets from The Parents’ Council. There are some great prizes!

The Lollipop Tree

Mrs Millea, with help from her class in Room 13, Courtney and Emilja, from Room 15, and lots of other helpers around the school created the fabulous Lollipop Tree!

A Colourful Tree

Ms Doyle and the boys and girls in Room 6 created a wonderful tree with amazing colours .

The Eggcelent Eggmas tree Eggstravaganza

Ms Murphy, with the assistance of the sixth class girls, lots and lots of eggs and egg cartons created the most amazing tree .

Congratulations to everybody who took part and a big thank you to Mrs Millea, Ms Doyle and Ms Murphy for all the time and work that went into their creations. Thanks also to all boys and girls who helped create and decorate these wonderful trees.


November 2017

Book Fair 2017

Our Book Fair takes place on November 28th and 29th in the hall. Classes will be timetabled.

There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored and enjoyed. A big thank you to Mrs Davis for her creative work.

We love books.

Hope Foundation

It was great to see all the Christmas Shoe boxes in the school. Everybody put in a big effort and this will make a big difference to all the boys and girls in need, who will receive the boxes. A big Thank YOU to everybody.

Wow! 250 boxes are on their way to children in need in Kolkata in India. 250 big smiles will greet these Kilkenny boxes!


Halloween Fun fundraiser: Scary Siulóid Scoile

On Friday 27th October, we had a Halloween fundraiser walk. Everybody dressed up and donated €2 to take part in the walk. It was great fun and lots of parents and friends were in town to support us.

Getting ready for the Halloween Walk

All Set!
seriously scary!
Mrs Davis and the guys looking good!
What a scary pair!
great gear!
We are ready to go!
Lets go Mum!
Foggy and scary..
Ms Deasy leads the way to town.

Everybody had great fun and lots of money was raised for the school. Go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir.

We hope everybody enjoys the Halloween break. Have fun and keep safe!

October 2017

Autumn Art: there is some wonderful art to be seen all around the school this Autumn.

Beautiful work
Very artistic
Very creative!
How uplifting!
Wonderful self portraits
Great shape and colours
Halloween Art

Halloween Fun Fundraisor: Scary Siúlóid Scoile

This year fifth and sixth classes are organising a great school fundraiser. We would like everybody to dress up in a Halloween costume without a mask. We hope to raise much needed school funds by charging €2 per person to go on the walk. The scary siúlóid  will take place between 11.15 and 12.15 on Friday October 27th, weather permitting.

Junior Infants:our new Junior Infants are well settled in school now, and they are working and playing happily.

Happy people at Aistear time
Look at us at work!
The smiles say it all!
We love Junior Infants.
School is great, but sometimes we can get a little tired. Is it nearly lunchtime?!